Count Your Blessings

Keep a gratitude diary – how many times have I read that this really helps to boost your mood?  It should be on my Dog-walking route, I know that.  But… I don’t want to do this one.  In fact, it was supposed to be yesterday’s task, and I ditched it because I don’t want to do it.  I am afraid that I will realise I have no blessings to count.  I am insulted by the idea that something so small could be all it takes to chase away a Dog so big I haven’t been able to shove him out the door yet.  And more than either of these it is just so cheesy.

It’s time to tackle it though, so I am going to make it easier for myself by re-branding it.  I am quantifying my intangible assets.  Here we go…

I am fortunate to…

  1. have a lovely and sympathetic husband
  2. be raising two beautiful, interesting and fun boys
  3. be able to afford two homes – one to live in and one to rent out and live off
  4. be able to earn some money while I am a SAHM even if it’s not the way I meant my career to go
  5. be financially able to take time to be a SAHM (even if I have a constant niggle of guilt that I am letting my career slide)
  6. Live in a lovely bit of my favourite city
  7. Be physically healthy and fit
  8. Be smart enough with money to keep us afloat on one salary
  9. have friends and a wealth of opportunities to make new ones if I ever get my act together to go out and do something new.
  10. have a good heart, and a kind disposition (currently hiding under the bed because they are scared of Dogs).
  11. Be highly literate so I can always find out what I need to know to do what I want to do.
  12. live in a country where women have equal rights, and where my children are immunised from life-threatening illnesses as a matter of course
  13. Have clean running water and sanitation in my house;  never have had to walk miles each day to collect dirty water for my children

OK, I do feel a little better for doing that.  Grudgingly.

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