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Take a New Approach To Writing A To-Do List

The House of Walker has been visited by pestilence and plague the last few weeks – one by one we have all succumbed to tummy bugs, colds, aches and pains of varying origins and intensities.  So no time for blogging … Continue reading

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Buy A Little Thinking Time

I have spent an entire week trying to quantify all the things I want to do, ought to do, and even the things I do do.  A whole week.  Did it actually take 7 days to list them?  No, it … Continue reading

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Tear Up The To Do List

I have been chasing my tail for months, trying to squeeze more hours out of each day, never feeling I am on top of everything I need to or want to do.  In fact, I am so overwhelmed I barely … Continue reading

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Take Stock

This is just another way of saying Count Your Cheesy Blessings again, isn’t it?  Incidentally, I have worked out why I hate the idea of counting blessings so much:  a blessing is something you haven’t earned, a little delightfulness in … Continue reading

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Play Hookey

A bad day.  Actually, the day was delicious:  the sky a stained-glass blue for much of it, the sun warm but the air crisp, and the things on my to-do list all a pleasure.  I passed through much of this … Continue reading

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Withdrawing from human contact is to depression what sniffles and coughs are to the common cold.  I am no exception.  Family life demands a certain level of interaction with at least some of the rest of the human race so … Continue reading

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Do something silly

Depression is painfully serious.  You have no energy for frivolities and are in such a permanent state of emergency that you certainly don’t waste time on the trivial.  Sadly, the trivial and the frivolous are frequently where joy is hiding. … Continue reading

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